X factor in sales

Learn to be an authentic salesperson and showcase your sales skills.

Success in sales is a prerequisite!

The best salesperson is the one who can convince without unnecessary phrases and who is remembered from among hundreds of average salesmen.

Learnt and automated sales techniques with the aid of which the salesperson behaves as a well-programmed machine no longer work today.

Clients expect something more than just tables, graphs and numbers. They look for a pleasant, authentic person, who besides the offer also delivers themself.  

In the training I will teach you:

  • how to present a product, a business offer in an appropriate manner
  • how to efficiently use body language when acquiring a client
  • how to express yourself authentically
  • how to read non-verbal communication in context
  • how to attract clients’ attention and enthusiasm
  • how to become a convincing salesperson
  • how to spot the signals of decision-making or purchase
  • how to build superior business relationships
  • how to work with a rapport in communication
  • how to develop creativity in sales
  • how to improve the level of self-presentation
  • how to engage and impress as a natural winner from among hundreds of other stereotypical agents

In the training you will gain a routine of how:

  • how to achieve that you would enjoy selling even more
  • how to put more energy and enthusiasm into sales
  • how to build superior relationships

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