Through forming my own life mission, my role transformed from manager to one that is now lecturer, coach and advisor. I am seeking to help open horizons and inspire. My personal mission is to cultivate the corporate climate and company culture, as well as communication methods at organisations.

When you learn to consciously perceive, engage and bring your mind and body into one, and to understand how they work together, you will begin to perceive yourself and others differently. This new perspective helps both firms and individuals to open new horizons and become more successful. Know yourself and reach for your potential.



Why is movement to be understood? It can’t be faked. Movement is a very honest and genuine definition of ourselves. Moreover, it is richer and more colourful than a verbal dictionary. Compared to words, it’s more authentic and honest.


Unique Soft Skills

When we learn to view ourselves and our surroundings through a different prism, suddenly we find that we have discovered something unique – a rare thing everyone has inside – our unique skill. I have worked with many people who, through their ability to perceive themselves through new optics, have recognised their unique skills and become more successful.


Prism – light beam splitting

I would liken it to sunlight, which, thanks to its specific wavelength, is visible to the naked eye. Various wavelengths of visible light are interpreted by the human brain as colours.

When sunlight falls on a glass prism, it breaks into the full spectrum of colours and reflections and instead of the white colour of the falling light we can see a colourful rainbow.

Why the visual perception? The light spreads very fast and the eye catches most visual perceptions. And eye is the largest information reader. The greatest information flow surges through an image.



Success means something different for every single person, whether it’s money, a position gained, a prize, or just simple things like growing one’s own vegetables in a small garden. Success is purely a subjective perception; it is the result of targeted efforts and its outcome is satisfaction and self-realisation. Anyone who, by perceiving via a new prism, discovers their own gift (unique skill) and engages their entire targeted efforts, is pre-determined to succeed.