“Reach for your potential”


The way you conduct and deport yourself reveals your thoughts, intentions, strength and talent. Learn more about yourself and master the skill of self presentation to give yourself the upper hand in communicating with others.

My educational programmes bring together the principles of business and non-verbal communication so as to deepen your self-confidence in all skills required for those professions requiring human contact.


Tibor Kocsis








My training programmes are based on the Unique Soft & Hard Skills Fusion concept. They will expand your soft skills, train your hard skills and help you recognise your unique strengths. The greatest attention is focused on recognising how you appear to others, on the intensity of this deportment and on developing authentic self-expression.

Who am I

For more than 20 years my professional life has spanned what two areas that, at first glance seem, would seem unrelated: business and dancesport.

After entering these two worlds, I found that they shared certain principles. It is on these principles that my training and educational programmes are based. In this way I can apply my knowledge and share it with others.




years of

How I work?

The most valuable capital a person has is themself. Everything depends on the strength of their own desire and motivation; to what degree they want to improve their own skills in order to express them fully, to support them in achieving their goals.

The essence of my training sessions is experience. I offer individual solutions working from a specific assignment within the training sessions, coaching and HR consultancy. I work with both individuals and groups. The results will be reflected in a whole range of skills: soft, hard as well as unique skills. Positive changes based on self-awareness are noticeable by the individual and the organisation.

The outcome will be seen in better individual and corporate results, as well as in better human relationships and company culture in general. Since I care about the results of my work, I remain in touch with the individual, company even after completing the training and I monitor the positive changes, which I continue to guide.

Methods Key PILLARS of my work