Discover esprit in your communication and learn to understand the importance of non-verbal communication so you can identify what people around you are really thinking.

The basis of successful communication is the quality of mutual understanding!

The role of body language in our lives is often greater than that of words.  Despite this, we are very rarely aware of what movement characterises.

By means of non-verbal communication we transmit to our surrounding a great quantity of information, often without even being aware of it.  Statistical research tells us about the great importance of non-verbal communication, forming 55% of communication, while verbally we communicate 7% and vocally 38% of information.  Successful communication is one of the basic prerequisites for the functioning of any society.  

In the training I will teach you:

  • what the rules are for reading non-verbal communication
  • how movement is reflected in thoughts and feelings
  • how movement can express our true intentions in relation to others
  • how movement supports or confuses communication
  • how to listen to non-verbal communication
  • what the values and meanings are underlying movement expression
  • how to recognise when you have created a high level of alignment that will bring a win-win result

In the training you will gain a routine of how:

  • to discover personal non-verbal patterns and deepen the quality of understanding of people around you
  • how your movement and intent fall into alignment during communication

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