Dynamic leadership

Learn to better understand yourself and surroundings in a non-traditional training session of leadership, which uses movement analysis and dance sports techniques.

A person’s even slight movement expresses precisely and reveals more about him than the words he says!

Through movement you will experience what it is to lead and to be led.  You will understand how others “read” your movements, when you lead people.  You will experience how you respond non-verbally, when someone else is in the position of leader.  You will gain inspiration for understanding various situations through movement and through play you will learn the typology of movement.  

Training offers the opportunity to discover how movement supports or confuses communication.  And what can movement express?  Your “movement”, even if slight, expresses you precisely and reveals more than the words you speak.   

In the training I will teach you:

  • how to prepare a convincing presentation
  • what strategy to choose so that your presentation attracts and inspires
  • how to become a convincing presenter
  • how to express yourself authentically and gain listeners’ attention
  • how to eliminate the most common errors in non-verbal expression
  • how to unify body gestures and posture
  • how to promote the success of your presentation through appropriate dress
  • how to work with your own non-verbality so as to support the content of your presentation
  • how to observe and evaluate signals from the audience during a presentation
  • how to deal with stage fright
  • how to gain self-esteem and persuasiveness
  • how gestures and posture support the content and delivery of a presentation

In the training you will gain a routine of how:

  • how to concurrently perceive your own non-verbality and the signals from an audience without stress
  • how to get rid of unnecessary stage fright
  • how to engage and convince

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