Charismatic presentation and rhetoric

Learn how to perceive your own non-verbality to support the content of a presentation and to concurrently evaluate signals from your audience. Gain both the ability to capture attention, persuade, impress and impart a viewpoint, because only then do we become winners.

The most important tool of charismatic presentation is you yourself!

Often it happens that presenters devote 100% of their effort to the content side, focusing on passing on the maximum possible know-how, knowledge, information, data, etc.  They forget that the most important tool in a presentation is they themselves.  They fall short on energy for quality and skills such as persuasiveness, getting an audience on board or conveying their idea in its true sense.

In each presentation we are evaluated not just on what we say, but on how we say it.

Therefore, what is essential is self-confidence, authenticity and the ability to perceive oneself. At the same time, however, it is necessary to perceive also reactions, attitudes, and signals from listeners and to effectively regulate our presentation and communication according to them.

Training is experiential, not theoretical; they guarantee the anchoring of knowledge in the form of experience.  Theory today is already provided by bookstores with professional literature, but experience gained in training cannot come through reading. In the protected environment of the course, you will discover the hidden brakes to a successful and charismatic presentation.

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