Principles and tools of personal management

Learn how and with the aid of what to develop a powerful climate at workplace through understanding and developing individuals.

The result-oriented world places ever higher demands on the developed competences of people and their performance. Deadlines for capturing the goal and fulfilling tasks properly are becoming shorter.   

At the managerial level, we spot the signals of talents, competences, will and attitudes coming from our subordinates. When we handle them excellently and develop them in the right direction, the person will become motivated and deliver results.

Experiential training will clarify to you how in the current smog of technology and fast-moving world not to forget simple and effective techniques that develop personality and work with person’s “setup”.  

In the training I will teach you:

  • how to spot talents in a team via affinity to certain types of activities
  • how to work and develop untapped, unrecognised talents and competences, and how to convey all this into conscious use
  • how to use the CVS technique (targeted feedback) to support and motivate and to correct unrecognised sharp edges of behaviour
  • how to estimate and work with phases of professional maturity in a given activity performed by the subordinate (shock, recovery, consolidation, mastery)
  • how to use praise as a motivational stimulus with a view to developing useful competences for a given work activity

In the training you will gain a routine of how:

  • how and which frameworks to use to measure the performance of the subordinates
  • how to choose the right incentives and work with them
  • how to work with CSV (Targeted feedback) on generational differences within a team
  • how to uphold the team members oriented on results
  • how to constructively work with negative phenomena in working habits and how to stimulate them toward a positive correction

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