Rocket model - improving team performance through a creative method

A team comprises different personalities, temperaments, attitudes, approaches. Learn how to correctly identify and then work with them to support the quality and performance of your team.

Teamwork is key to team success!

Obstacles hindering your team’s performance are often bad habits acquired among team members or shortcomings in management or leadership. Poor cohesion, a low level of constructive communication, inconsistency in procedures, inability to integrate strong individuals into a harmonious and smooth team, or an unclear prioritisation, unclear mission or unsound morale.

Training will take you through the practical and creative way of how to build up a team and provide you with useful solutions of how to ensure its efficient performance.

In the training I will teach you:

  • how to constructively analyse the situation in the team
  • how to communicate and work with attitudes of individual team members
  • how to analyse situations and attitudes, identifying with others
  • communication rules
  • team standards
  • how to effectively set goals

In the training you will gain a routine of how:

  • how to work with talent and skills
  • how to encourage commitment and motivation
  • how to define tools and needs focused on performance
  • how to work with team morale and handle conflicts
  • how to define and evaluate outcomes

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